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on Fri, 01/03/2014 - 21:42
Every Tuesday at 6:00 p.m., the Rotary Club hold its meeting that includes a fellowship during the first hour, when all attendees have a chance to unwind and socialize with their fellow Rotarians. I intend to share this kind of fellowship with our Palm Coast Rotary Club in Florida.  The second hour is devoted to discussions of our local projects like street cleaning, tree planting, feeding the malnourished children in schools, etc.
I went food shopping and bought a variety of fruits, e.g. papaya, pineapple, cantaloupe and carrots and squeezed them myself.  It's hard work to make freshly-squeezed juices but very rewarding! 
9/06  FRIDAY
Every Friday is my day of giving workshops to the parents of St. Anthony DLC students as part of their Parent Empowerment Program.  This time I invited my friends Nilo and Irma Zulueta to teach the parents butterfly culturing for the livelihood project.
 I attended the Rotary Club of Plaridel Kristal's Induction Ceremonies and Governor's visit. I met Rotary Governor Pichoy Ramirez who encouraged me as a Rotarian from Florida to be partners with  the local Rotary to do global projects such as building more schools in the Philippines.
9/15  SUNDAY
Sunday is the day I call friends and family in the U.S.
9/20  FRIDAY
Workshops at St.  Anthony Development & Learning Center:  Walking meditation, Bible Study,  Scrapbooking,  Butterfly breeding.
I attended another induction and Governor's visit this time for Plaridel Rotary Men's Club and received a plaque of appreciation for being a guest speaker at one of their meetings.
I joined the Rotary of Plaridel Kristal in its discussion with the sixth graders of Banga Elementary School about "safe touch".  I also attended the Rotary of Pulilan-Diamond and received an award as a guest speaker. 
On my way to the Baranggay's office to complain about the accumulating garbage in the irrigation canal that causes flooding, I saw 11 adults and children slumped on the floor of a waiting shed eating their breakfast.  I found out that they were refugees from Zamboanga where the moros and the Philippine Army continued fighting.  I went  home and got them more food to eat, as well as soap, towels and sheets for their use.
I gave a workshop on clay sculpturing at St. Anthony Development and Learning Center.  Plaridel Rotary president Bernie and I presented a wheelchair to a 92-year old resident.  We also visited the second livelihood grant, the Sampaguita farms.
After attending a mass at St. James Church, I went to the Municipality of Plaridel and donated 5 bags of goodies for the victims of the fire disaster.  In the afternoon,  Mayor Jocell and I presented 5 laptops to the principal of the Jaime Vistan High School.  They were donations from Veronica Maggs Thornton, director of Make It, Take It Flagler County Schools-Florida.